Her vocals have a clean, eccentric quality to them. It sounds like she has tons of experience singing, but she avoids the trap of sounding too theatrical. Somehow, she sings with conviction that pulls you right into the song.”

eartotheground, blog

Her voice and that piano are a match made in heaven. Plus she showcases how lyrics are meant to be created perfectly.”

wolfinasuit, blog (24th August 2016)

Nama Ray is a singer originally from Switzerland who decided to move to London to chase her dream of a singing career. She possesses a strong versatile voice and brings to mind other female singers from this era like Emeli Sande, Katie Melua and Sia, as well as singers from past years like Kate Bush and Shania Twain, though her Swiss heritage gives her voice an exotic quality that give her a style all of her own. (.....) Nama's soulful voice combines with the natural strength of the song to create high quality music that will help her make her mark on the British scene. As female singers have dominated record sales in recent years, with more songs of equal excellence, Nama Ray will have everything necessary for global success.”

Alex Faulkner - freelance music journalist

You don't just sing, you express every phrase with colorful conviction. ”

Arthur Butler

Swiss born Nama Ray, either playing acoustically or fronting her band of fantastic musicians, always produces what continually promises to be a flawless performance. Her voice is soulful, stylish and powerful with neat melodic nuances as she soars over her accompanying band.”

Gregg James - Promoter Hot Vox

Nama Ray hat ihre sichere Existenz in Solothurn hingeschmissen, um ihrem Traum zu folgen: Singen, Songs schreiben, in kleinen Londoner Clubs auftreten. Da ist sie nicht alleine, aber auf bestem Weg. Insbesondere mit einer Liebeserklärung an den Sommer. Eine Stimme, die in allen Tonlagen klar wie ein Bergbach klingt, der auch in seinen verspieltesten Sprüngen rein und wohltuend ist. Nama Ray erinnert an Katie Melua. Auch in den geheimnisvollen, dunklen Augen und den zarten Gesichtszügen. Ihre neuste Single «Summer» ist ein Liebesgeständnis an diesen Geliebten, der immer wieder verschwindet, aber ebenso zuverlässig zurückkehrt – was die Zeit seiner Abwesenheit nicht leichter macht. Doch Nama Ray ist nicht nur die Frau für zarte Balladen. Ihre EP «Hope» zeigt, dass sie von funkig-bluesig in «Don't Hold Back» bis zum jazzigen Arrangement «Time Flies By» die ganze Palette der exquisiten Kleinbühnen-Grooves im Blut hat.”

Selina Walter, stageplanet.ch

Nama Ray's New Single 'Summer' is packed full of imagery and the laced with the strength of voice we’re used to hearing from UK artists like Adele, Nama Ray’s “Summer” makes you want to sit on the patio in a shorts and sip a lemonade. The intro starts with a piano solo, which is the simplest way to start a song so lyrically heavy. It’s not that the words are a bummer – they’re just so much for your senses to take in, and even more for your mind to unfold. In the fashion of one of her musical influences, Emeli Sandé, Nama Ray’s voice goes in and out as if to hit peaks and valleys, almost as if unintentionally, further adding to the complex simplicity of “Summer.” Her voice is calming enough to deliver the calmness of a summer’s day, but its intensity pulls the listener in and makes them want to hear more. If you were going to click the “next” button, you stopped in your tracks (pun intended) because her voice just did something new and interesting”

Hope Carter

Londonian Nama Ray wrapped up 2017 with “Living Room Sessions,” a four track easy listening experience. The blue-eyed soul singer delivers a thoughtful love driven message throughout the entire project. The opening track, “Let’s Talk It Over,” is the most single worthy out of the four songs, and also the most upbeat. Nama’s rasp and gospelesque chord progressions puts “Let’s Talk It Over” in its rightful place as the opening to the EP. There are no groovy baselines or vibes on the EP, and at times the anticipation builds to hear a beat drop, but it never happens (“Higher,” arguably, may be the only exception). That distinctive quality places Nama’s art in its own unique lane. Reminiscent in some ways of Norah Jones’ debut, “Come Away With Me,” in terms of introspectiveness, Nama provides a soundtrack to one of life’s most complicated experiences, Love. After getting through Nama’s catchy and highly replayable single, “Let’s Talk It Over” passion and solemnness sets in with “Maybe,” a piano solo about Nama longing to be with her lover in a faraway place. Pinot Noir, a cozy cable knit sweater, a fireplace, and a romantic novel are must haves while journeying through the remainder of the tracklist. The transition from “Maybe” into “Join Me For Happy Days” is easy on the ears, the sounds blend well. Only difference between the two songs lies with the latter because of the staccato chords throughout the hook. Additionally, more of Nama’s ability to utilize voice inflections shines here as well with the “ooouuuuu” drawn out over the piano chords. Nama ends the EP on emotional hopeful stride, production wise. As far as content is concerned the same woefulness follows all the way from the beginning to the closing track. What makes “Higher” stand out is it’s literally a break. A break from the two minor key compositions “Maybe” and “Join Me For Happy Days.” To applaud Nama for displaying authentic musicianship is respect for the art of music. In the age of “playlists” another refreshing quality to uncover is Nama’s ability to produce a solid project that flows in a set direction.”

Will Eady