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In 2012 Nama Ray quit her teaching job and left her safe but internally troubled life in Switzerland for a ground zero start in London, armed with little more than a few belongings and a soul that had been yearning for her seemingly silly childhood dreams to become reality. 

At 26, the hope of a major record label picking her up and turning her into a star seemed too far out. 

The debut-EP 'Hope' was the kick off to an independent DIY music journey as a solo artist and singer-songwriter that can be titled an ever growing development into the calling she seems to be born to fulfil:

Touching people's lives with inspiring deep lyrics, unique and raw vocals born from the soul, acoustic pop sounds and overall a lightness and calming feel that comes somewhat unexpected combined with all those soul and blues elements. 

Over ten thousand loyal fans around the world are proof today that Nama Ray is beginning to leave her mark in the new music industry and her raw talent combined with a die hard passion and dedication are going to lead her to even more exciting times. 

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Nama Ray schreibt Musik, die aus der Seele kommt und die Herzen ihrer Fans berühren. Ihre farbenreichen Lieder strahlen mit einer souligen Stimme, eingängigen Melodien, relaxten Harmonien, tiefsinnigen Texten und kombinieren akustischen pop mit blue-eyed soul und R&B. 

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'Die Schweizer Sängerin, die an Katie Melua erinnert, hat ihre sichere Existenz in Solothurn hingeschmissen, um ihrem Traum zu folgen: Singen, Songs schreiben, in kleinen Londoner Clubs auftreten. Da ist sie nicht alleine, aber auf bestem Weg.' (Selina Walter, stageplanet.ch)